Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vehicle Number Portablility (VNP)

I just conceived an idea for portable vehicle registration number.

Keeping in mind the upcoming Mobile number portability regime, where a customer can keep his beloved phone number with him and move to any other service provider.

On the similar grounds, now a days the vehicle registration number has become an identity for many of the individuals who are reluctant to change the last 4 digits of their vehicle registration number.

The vehicle registration number should be just like a mobile SIM-Card. You can change the mobile phone brand (here the cars) and can keep the same mobile number as long as you want, irrespective of the brand of the mobile phone being used. After the phone number portability regime gets approved this could be further be cutomized by allowing the user to shift to any other network operator in similar kind of network, but everything will be at a premium!

The Ministry of transportation can also come out with such kind of PREMIUM service, where you can change your car any time you want, but one can retain the registration number, for a premium, unlike the existing rule, that the number can be retained only if the previous vehicle has been completely damaged and left totally unusable under all circumstances.


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