Thursday, June 3, 2010

Parliament Entrance Test - PET

In our great India, we have a benchmark for making it into State/Central government Administration, B-Schools, Engineering colleges, Medical colleges, ICAI, Commerce, Economics and even into a mere kindergarten, nearly every discipline of certificate/diploma courses, graduation/post-graduation programs, but god save the nation, we elect our dear MPs, MLAs, Municipal commissioners and many other democratic representations by simply voting them on the disguised facts! It's the time for the great Parliamentarians, Election Commissioner and our respected Mrs. President to wake up and provide us with dignified representations in the world standards. Leaving behind just a bunch of ministers (state/central government) rest all does not even have an idea what administration means. About few years back, on August 15, an Independence Day special episode of 'Poll Khol' was telecasted on 'Star News' television channel. The host Shekhar Suman unearthed many of the ministers on a million dollar question. ?Do you know the National song of India??/ ?Do you know the difference between national song and national anthem of India?? It was really shameful watching our dear ministers giving disgusting answers. The question of the hour is why can't we have a "Parliament Entrance Test" and a similar one for the state too? Why don't we conduct a Critical Financial test for Ministry of Finance, a Medical Entrance Test for Ministry of Health, Case studies & Role Plays for Ministry of HRD, Management Aptitude test for Home Ministry i.e. an appropriate Entrance Examination for each Ministry! Entrance test should contain the real life case studies so that the candidates are prepared for the job before actually joining it. IRS, IPS,
The process can be:-
1. First a screening entrance test shall be conducted, which shall include a written, group discussions, case study etc.
2.  Short listed candidates shall again be grilled in some way or the other.
The process should more or less be alike to IAS selection. And then a final merit list shall be out for all the ministries and only those meritorious candidates shall be voted upon by the Indian Citizens. And this complete short listing process shall be made completely transparent.
It might be a general view point that a try has been made to draw a rosy picture. But it can be seen that to catch up a 10% GDP rate will be paramount, but with the present condition of Politics it can remain a dream. In India we now need efficient and smart ministers and an amendment is needed in the electoral procedure.


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